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Stop Fluffing Around With Your Business “Why”!

Finding the WHY of your business is not always easy but it is the single biggest decision you can make. Its influence on the success of your business is enormous because it will affect everything you do.

Don’t be wishy-washy with this. You need to understand WHY you are in business:

  • For goal setting
  • To stand out from competitors
  • To develop your key marketing messages
  • To ensure your staff are engaged and performing well
  • And so on

If you are struggling to find your business WHY, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • Why does the world need your business?
  • What do your customers truly value about the product or service you provide?
  • Why does your brand personality connect with your customers?

Obviously you need to have passion for what you do but passion alone won’t deliver a successful business. Understanding your purpose will.

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Relaxation Boosts Decision Making

In the middle of a busy work day with deadlines and demands coming from all directions, it doesn’t seem feasible to take time to relax before making an important decision.

But research shows it’s actually a great investment of your time.

Anxiety directs us to choose the safest option (Journal of Neuroscience, March 2016) while stress changes our perceptions so we focus on the benefits and ignore the disadvantages (Current Directions in Psychological Science).

So before you make an important life or business decision, invest in yourself by doing something relaxing. I love to take my two Cavoodles (Bear and Molly) for a walk but other people find it very relaxing to:

  • Take a bubble bath
  • Get a professional facial or massage
  • Enjoy your favourite ice-cream while walking in the park
  • Bake a delicious cake or family meal

Very often we make the mistake of believing there is a right or wrong decision but that’s rarely the case. More often it’s simply a matter of choosing an option and then working towards positive outcomes.

Be guided by your dreams and follow your heart. If it’s a business decision that relies on your cash flow and credit management, get help from a great bookkeeping team like Numeric Eight.

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If You Do The Best For Your Clients, Why Don’t You Do The Best For Your Business?

We often speak to creative business owners who are struggling to survive. They have everything going for them – great customer service, high skill levels, passion, dedication and a strong work ethic. But their business fails to thrive because they neglect the backroom work such as having accurate accounts.

If you or your bookkeeper aren’t giving your business finances the same care and attention you give your clients, you will:

  • Make poor business decisions
  • Lose money through unpaid accounts
  • Lack cash flow by neglecting to promptly invoice completed work

When a new client joins the Numeric Eight family, they are often surprised by the significant errors we find in their accounts. Sorting through existing files and unearthing these mistakes is just one of the services we provide.

If it’s time to reduce the rubbish in your accounts, call us on 02 9437 1785.

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