Frequently Asked Questions

Why not employ my own Bookkeeper?

Lots of reasons! You don’t have the stress of an additional employee… you don’t have any on-premise costs… you only pay for the hours required for Numeric Eight to assist you rather than an employee sitting idle. There’s always more than one Numeric Eight team member responsible for your account, this mitigates your risk and your payroll will always be done!

It will take me too long to explain everything to Numeric Eight and my accounts are complicated.

We are experts in transitioning businesses. We will ensure we are across all your requirements before taking anything on board. We are honest and no-nonsense... if we can’t assist you we’ll say!

I am concerned I won’t know what is going on with my accounts and I will lose control of my business.

We are just a phone call/email away and are always available. In our initial meeting we will agree on how often you would like us to contact you and we will stick to this plan. You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager and Bookkeeper who will know your accounts inside and out!

If I engage Numeric Eight will I still need an Accountant and will they have access to my books?

Yes you will still need an Accountant. We have a specialised Accountant who we partner with, Shane Krautz. We will work with Shane or your own Accountant to prepare everything for them.

Your Accountant will only have access to your books with your permission. By allowing your Accountant access to your data, they can review or change your files whenever they need to.

Can I afford to have Numeric Eight as my Bookkeeper?

Yes! We can save you time and money. By passing over your bookkeeping to experts it will free up your time to focus on your own business and sales. We will be honest with you upfront and discuss our charges which will be tailored to your needs.

Who looks after my accounts and will I be dealing with the same person every time?

You will have a dedicated Account Manager assigned to your account. This person will oversee your account and ensure we are working efficiently and cost effectively. You will also have a Bookkeeper who works on the day to day functions of your account and masters your unique processes.

If I have a question or a concern, will I be able to reach someone?

Our office is open Monday–Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. You’ll always be able to reach someone within these hours or be able to leave a message knowing that it will be directed to your dedicated Account Manager or Bookkeeper.

Should I use MYOB or Xero?

We will assess which system best suits your business from a cost and efficiency perspective, then decide.

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