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Client Spotlight - Infinet Network Solutions

Trudi Yip Oct 29, 2022 3:19:00 PM

Numeric Eight has been working with Infinet Network Solutions for many years, providing them with bookkeeping and accounts services. By working with Numeric Eight, Infinet has been able to focus on what they do best - transforming businesses with bespoke ICT solutions.

In this client spotlight, we take a look at Infinet Network Solutions and what they do. We are proud to be partnered with such a great company, and we look forward to continuing our work together in the future.


Who is Infinet?

Established in Sydney in 2000, Infinet has become an IT business partner of choice primarily servicing Australian SMEs as well as a select number of larger scale multinational enterprises. Whilst Infinet delivers a full suite of IT products, solutions and support services, its primary goal is to deliver high returning business outcomes to its clients.


What does Infinet do?

Understanding a client’s individual business needs and objectives has been at the heart of Infinet’s longevity and success.

Infinet typically works through one or more of the following stages in IT solution and service delivery - diagnostic/audit, design, implementation and ongoing support. It adopts a highly collaborative and strategic approach to each engagement, whether providing a one-off hardware fit-out, delivering a cloud migration project, implementing a Cyber Network Security Solution, performing a Strategic ICT business review or providing a full spectrum managed IT service.

Like Numeric Eight, Infinet prides itself on forging true partnerships with its clients. By working closely with each client and taking on the role of an extension of their business, Infinet is able to provide informed and timely counsel on all technology issues.

Delivering excellent results is the ultimate goal, and Infinet achieves this by combining leading-edge technology with personal attention to every client’s unique needs.


What are the ‘triggers’ for clients seeking out Infinet?

The starting point for a client engagement with Infinet can vary based on their specific needs and situation. Some common statements that have been gathered from initial consultations over the years include:



  • We don’t have an IT strategy or roadmap
  • We are stuck on legacy IT systems
  • Our current solutions don’t meet our business needs
  • We have too many IT suppliers to deal with
  • Where do cloud services fit in our IT strategy
  • How can we speed up adoption rate of the right technology to maintain and even grow our competitiveness
  • Unsure if our backup & recovery system can deliver
  • We have little or no Disaster Recovery Plan


Operational – Staff and Stakeholder Needs

  • We want to focus on our business performance, but we spend so much time on IT
  • We need someone we can trust that knows how our business works
  • We need support for our business 24x7
  • There are no standards in place and it is beginning to hurt us – cost and disillusioned staff on the increase
  • Frequent IT issues and outages cost us time and money
  • Customers don’t like our IT network access
  • We need better IT for hybrid office/work from home
  • Who helps with office IT relocations


Risk Management and Cyber Security

  • Business continuity planning
  • We don’t know what we have – there is no documentation
  • We are concerned about ransomware
  • I cannot get cybersecurity insurance
  • Can you help to assess and mitigate our cyber risk and implement the right cybersecurity solutions for us


Resourcing - Financial/People

  • IT funding is unpredictable
  • Scaling IT resources across a broad range of technologies is getting harder
  • It’s so hard to attract and retain good IT resources internally
  • How can IT outsourcing work for us
  • How can we source IT products at the optimum price for a business of our scale
  • Keeping up with technology change is getting beyond us


If you have IT issues of any kind and would like to discuss and explore solutions, whether one off projects or longer-term IT strategy or support requirements, then Infinet is waiting to assist you.

Ready to learn more? Contact Infinet.



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