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Site Terms and Conditions

Access to Numeric Eight’s website is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The owner of this site is Numeric Eight Pty Ltd (ABN: 59 132 788 697).

  2. Services, available from Numeric Eight, promoted on this site:
  • are only available in Australia
  • will only be provided pursuant to its terms and conditions of services (which will be made available on request)
  • may be impacted by public health orders in force from time to time.
  1. Content published on this site is provided as general information only and no reliance should be placed on any of the content.

  2. Numeric Eight respects the privacy of visitors to this site. Click here to view its privacy policy.

  3. Linking to this site is permitted with Numeric Eight’s prior written approval which, if given, may be subject to conditions.

  4. Links to third party sites in this site (including to Numeric Eight’s business partners) do not imply any endorsement or other representation of the services or goods offered by those third parties.

  5. Any email address published on this site is not to be taken as an invitation to send unsolicited messages to it.

  6. Unless otherwise indicated, the copyright, in the design, text, images and source code of this site, is owned by or licensed to Numeric Eight and its related companies.

  7. A copy of any part of this site may be made by downloading or printing it – in either case for temporary personal use only.

  8. The following activities are not permitted:
  • reverse engineering or reproduction of this site
  • broadcasting any part of this site to the public by any means
  • making or distributing copies of this site (or any part of it) to any third party for commercial purpose
  • scraping of the content of this site.
  1. Numeric Eight may monitor use of this site for breaches of these terms and conditions.

  2. Access to this site is governed by the laws of NSW.