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Bookkeeping and Finance Function Case Studies

Wilson & Gilkes Outsources Bookkeeping Needs to Numeric Eight

"I was impressed with the level and extent of the resources available from Numeric Eight, which gave me the confidence to proceed with the engagement. Numeric Eight enables us to move quickly — they had plenty of resources to support us." – James Hunt, Wilson & Gilkes CEO.

Like any expanding business, Wilson & Gilkes required additional help to keep up with growing demands. As such, to keep the manufacturing and design company operating at full speed, CEO James Hunt has established a close partnership with Numeric Eight's financial experts. Moving forward, the Sydney-based firm will oversee its bookkeeping needs, helping to streamline processes and improve the business in collaboration with Stellar Consulting. 


The Challenge

Though Wilson & Gilkes' previous financial controller had two offshore employees handling its bookkeeping needs, Hunt had reservations about his experience working with both parties. Even with Stellar Consulting's Colin Stein offering monthly support for the company's financial controller, the experience fell short of expectations.

"If we had an issue with the in-house financial controller, we basically didn't have a backup," said Hunt.

Ultimately, the business still needed a partner with comprehensive services and a qualified, experienced team at its helm. So, after identifying the primary challenges impacting Wilson & Gilkes' finance function, Colin encouraged the business to consider Numeric Eight as an alternative.


The Solution

Upon their first meeting (organised by Colin), Numeric Eight's Founder and Director, Trudi Yip, walked Wilson & Gilkes through her plan for addressing the business's requirements.  

"She was very clear," said Hunt. "Trudi is always accessible, always responsive, and available all of the time — I trust her!"

Trudi's strategy first involved placing two Numeric Eight staff on-site at Wilson & Gilkes. Aside from identifying the business's main challenges, these team members ensured the transfer of its financial management was as smooth as possible.  

Next, the company was assigned an Account Manager, Cheryl. To help Wilson & Gilkes avoid roadblocks, Cheryl made certain that any bookkeeping issues were swiftly addressed, provided comprehensive feedback detailing its current financial outlook, oversaw significant project deposits, and more.

"Cheryl is really good," said Hunt. "We've had a particular issue: sometimes we take deposits on projects, and accounting for it can be a bug-bear… Cheryl understands what we're trying to do and is making that process easy for us."


The Result

Following a seamless transfer of its bookkeeping needs, Wilson & Gilkes has benefited from Numeric Eight's streamlined approach to financial management, as well as its commitment to remaining accessible, competent and responsive. Furthermore, thanks to Colin’s input and advice, Trudi's leadership and Cheryl's management expertise, the company has overcome its previous challenges and remains on track for success.

"I was impressed with the level and extent of the resources available from Numeric Eight, which gave me the confidence to proceed with the engagement," said Hunt.

Through this partnership, Numeric Eight has once again sustained its record of providing premier bookkeeping services, enabling Wilson & Gilkes to continue exceeding expectations.

About Wilson & Gilkes

Wilson & Gilkes specialise in Sheet Metal Fabrication, Production and Design prototype, Engineer and Manufacture for all industries. 

Wilson & Gilkes believe in the quality of its people and the quality of the machinery to achieve flexible manufacturing solutions that are key to achieving optimum results for our customers. The company employs qualified staff including, Industrial designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electricians, Sheetmetal trades, Fitter and machinists, Toolmakers and Welders.


About Stellar Consulting

With a strong 20-year track record helping SMEs improve their most important asset, Stellar Consulting is a boutique consulting advisory that supports business leaders for scalable growth.

Led by a consultant with two decades of experience, Stellar Consulting delivers vision and business expertise to companies around Australia, the UK and Hong Kong. With a unique “investor lens”, Stellar views your business from a buyer’s viewpoint, using tools and strategies to maximise its value.


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