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7 of the Best Bookkeeping Software Applications for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Trudi Yip Nov 22, 2021 2:00:00 PM

Running a business in 2021 isn’t an easy task. From completing services to sourcing new clients all on your own, it can be easy to let the financial management aspects of your business slip beneath the radar. 

Of course, when it comes time for essential tasks like distributing payroll and paying taxes, this can turn into a severe problem. 

Fortunately, current technology has made bookkeeping simpler than ever for modern businesses. Our Sydney-based team of outsourced finance experts guarantee the software applications listed below will help you streamline your process regardless of what industry you operate in.


1.  Dext

This cloud-based accounting application is designed to eliminate the need for manual entry entirely. Business owners nationwide can enjoy streamlined features like:

  • Automated paperwork filing and collection.
  • Comprehensive communication tools.
  • Detailed performance insights.

When paired with an outsourced bookkeeping firm, Dext provides all the tools you need to process invoices, store receipts, and more — so you can focus on growing your business, not paperwork.



2.  WorkflowMax

Crafted specifically with project management in mind, WorkflowMax does exactly what its name suggests: improve your workflow!

With one-hundred-per cent remote capabilities, you can use the app to run your operations from anywhere in the world thanks to features like:

  • Rapid quote and invoice generation.
  • Simplified scheduling.
  • Time tracking.

Plus, with more than 30 software integrations, WorkflowMax can be as versatile as your business needs it to be.


3.  Cin7

With extensive features that connect your business’s orders, products, reports, workflows, and more into one convenient channel, Cin7 could very well be the only all-in-one resource you’ll ever need.

That’s right; this goes beyond bookkeeping. You’ll also find other advanced methods for scaling your operations, including:

  • Customisable order and routing rules.
  • Automated stock management.
  • Centralised stock and order tracking between online stores and marketplaces.

Regardless of your business’s needs, we’re positive Cin7 can help you solve each one.


4.  Airwallex

Managing your small  to medium-sized business’s finances can seem like an increasingly confusing process. Still, with the help of outsourced experts and innovative apps like Airwallex, your dreams of stress-free money management can become a reality.

Though it might seem like any other bank, Airwallex takes things a step further with access to specialised features like:

  • Transfers with zero international fees.
  • Compatibility with more than 11 currencies.
  • Integration with Xero for bookkeeping purposes.

So, if your small to medium-sized business happens to reach international clients, it’s a good idea to keep Airwallex on your radar.



5.  TimePro

Though it’s easy to focus solely on the hustle of scaling your business, you can’t forget about keeping track of things like hours worked, expense records, project management, and more. Maintaining control over this will help streamline your bookkeeping process, whether you do it yourself or outsource it to a firm.

Fortunately, tools like TimePro aim to eliminate the hassle of manually entering this data with cloud-based features like:

  • Simple time tracking via a digital timesheet.
  • Data export to other digital solutions.
  • Project cost, timesheet, and resource management in one convenient channel.


6.  Deputy

So what if your small to medium-sized business has employees? That means additional time tracking needs, documentation management, and more.

Don’t worry; that doesn’t also need to mean twice the headache.

With Deputy by your side, you can handle these growing requirements with ease. This app is so popular because it knows exactly what problems need to be solved. Thanks to its emphasis on shift work, you can roster your workforce in just a few taps.

Some of its best features include:

  • Verifiable time tracking.
  • Enhanced team engagement.
  • Simple integration with other systems.




7.  Employment Hero

Finally, if your small to medium-sized business is teetering on the brink of becoming a large business, you’ll need to pull out the big guns to manage increased employees, payroll, HR, and other expanding requirements.

Employment Hero is a great starting point for an operation that needs comprehensive, yet intuitive features like:

  • Realtime analytics.
  • Hassle-free employee onboarding.
  • Simplified payroll planning.


With these apps at your disposal and a highly qualified and experienced, locally-based outsourced bookkeeping team of over thirty at your side, you can finally take your business to greater heights — and beyond.

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