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Read all the latest blogs of the largest independent bookkeeping firm in Australia, Numeric Eight. Sydney bookkeeping services with a difference.

Accounts Receivable demystified

Accounts Receivable Demystified

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Why can’t my admin assistant do my books?

For many business owners, hiring a virtual assistant or admin person is one of their first personnel hires. It makes a great deal of sense because it frees your time to focus on..

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Single Touch Payroll - Are you Ready for July 1, 2019?

Have you heard of Single Touch Payroll? We are less than two months out from the deadline on single touch payroll (STP) for micro businesses!

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Live The Life You Imagined

Most people dream about starting their own business long before they actually do. Once you begin, reality quickly takes hold and you find yourself doing lots of tasks outside your..

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Use Focused Networking to Grow Your Business

One of networking’s golden rules is that you need to invest time and effort to receive results. But that depends on your networking group. You see there are 2 types of networking..

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Essentials: P&L Statements vs Balance Sheets

What is a Balance Sheet? A balance sheet represents the financial position of the company on a specific date. It enables readers to understand the entity's financial stability,..

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The 6 key questions every business owner should ask

Trudi Yip would have to be one of Australian’s most enthusiastic business owners. She’s literally done it all her life yet she still maintains an infectious joy for the whole..

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5 tips to help you get paid on time

Without water, a plant will wither and die. In business, poor cash flow works the same way. So how do you make sure you get paid on time? Here are our 5 Top Tips.

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Who is covering your payroll over Christmas?

With Christmas only a few weeks away, there’s a lot to do both personally and professionally. If you have a team, you also need to manage a very hectic time for payroll. So ask..

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Creating long term customer value

Only your customers can evaluate how well you look after them and that’s likely to differ from customer to customer and with each interaction with your business. As a result,..

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